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Special Announcement:

Star of the Sea Parish – Suspending Public Masses
With the coming of the “third wave” of the Covid-19 pandemic and the rapid resurgence of confirmed inflections, we have to take drastic precautionary measures again in order to reduce the risk of community transmission as far as possible. Accordance to diocesan pastoral guidelines (https://catholic.org.hk/en/cn20200714/), Star of the Sea Parish will take the following measures effective from 25 July 2020 until further notice:

1) All “public” masses (including regular Sunday and weekday) are to be suspended  Other communal religious activities, with the exception of weddings and funerals, are to be suspended as well.

2) Our Parish church will remain open to the faithful for personal prayers and visits to the Blessed Sacrament.

3) People entering our Parish building should take the following precautionary measures:
a. a mask must be worn during the stay;
b. body temperature must be screened;
c. hands must be cleansed with sanitizer;
d. at least 1.5m social-distancing must be kept between individuals;
e. no eating or drinking;
f. for people who are sick, or those who have someone undergoing “self-quarantine” at home, should not enter the building.

4) .The faithful may choose one of the following alternatives to attending Sunday Mass:
a.Taking part in a Sunday Mass online, OR
b.Reflecting on the Sunday Liturgical text, reading the Bible or saying the Rosary, etc.
Online Masses and spiritual programs > https://catholic.org.hk/en/pastoralmeasures/

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