Special Announcement:

Star of the Sea Parish – Resumption of Public Masses
According to diocesan pastoral guidelines on the resumption of public masses, Star of the Sea Parish will resume public Masses on weekdays with effect from 1 June 2020 (Monday), and public Masses on Sundays from 7 June 2020 (Sunday).   
The arrangement of Star of the Sea Church is as follows:
Masses on Weekdays
• Mass on Weekdays will resume from 1 June onwards, every Monday to Saturday at 7:00 am.  They will be celebrated in the church at level U3.
Sunday Masses
• Sunday Mass will resume from 7 June (there will not be anticipated Sunday mass on 6 June).   
The mass timetable is the same as before. 
When the faithful arrives at the church, and no seat is available, the faithful will be invited to go to the hall at level U2 to view the live streaming from the church at U3.   
Holy Communion will be given out at both the church and the hall.
• According to guidelines, the church and the hall can only accommodate up to 50% of their normal capacities, and social-distancing is to be kept between persons.  If it happens that both the church and the hall have reached the capacity limit, faithful will be invited to attend the next mass, or attend it online (and receive spiritual Communion).
Important Notes:
• When entering the church compound, the faithful should put on a face mask, take body temperature and cleanse their hands with sanitiser.
• Faithful should arrive 10 to 15 minutes earlier than before so as to allow time for temperature taking at the entrance on ground floor. 
• Faithful should bring their own sanitiser which should be used for sanitising their hands before receiving Holy Communion.
• Faithful should follow the instructions of liturgy attendant for seating.
• Holy Communion should be received only “in the hand”.   Holy Blood will not be given out.
• Sunday collections will be taken up at the time of parish announcement.
• Members of the faithful who are sick, as well as those who have someone undergoing “self-quarantine” at home, should not go to church; instead, they can attend the Sunday Mass online or perform some acts of devotion.During initial stage of resuming public mass, the arrangement may cause confusion and chaotic situation may arise.   
Please be considerate and tolerant, and be disciplined, following the instructions of attendant.

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Published on: 03-12-2014 (Last modified: 29-05-2020)